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June, 2017

Epperson Music
Since 2014

I've been a music hack for over 30 years now; banging away
on buckets and twanging beat up guitars.
Constantly, everywhere around us music is playing.
It's in our nature to hear, imitate and produce music.

As simple as a whistle or the tapping of a foot to the complex
reproductions of instruments played through a 64-bit laptop,
humans love music.

This love of music has brought humans together to make noise
since we began walking this wonderful planet of sound.

Being a bit of a caveman myself, I tend to gravitate to
simple beats and crunchy noises.
And I like to make unique sounds.

While cigar box and tin guitars are nothing new or innovative,
I've found that I have a special obsession with making them.
God only knows why.

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    =====d===The Headlands Guy - Artwork by Peter Gealey

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